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I hate to be sick! November 6, 2009

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Almost everyone has heard about the Swine Flu in Ukraine. It is the reason the schools are closed for three weeks. And it is very sad that many people became ill. Closing the schools may help stop the spread of the germs which cause this flu.

It is easy to be frightened when a large group of people get sick. You may not understand how the sickness is spread or what you  can do to stay healthy.  If you learn about germs, then you can work at avoiding them. If you do not understand what a germ is, you are not alone.

Germs are very tiny organisms that cause diseases. You cannot see them, smell them or feel them. They are so small that you need a microscope to see them.

There are many types of germs, but the one that causes the Swine Flu is called a virus. When the germs that carry viruses enter your body, the viruses go inside your cells and start multiplying. In a short period of time, like maybe a day or two, a few germs can turn into millions.

Virus germs need to live inside living things in order to multiply. They can only live a short period of time outside of living things. But when they are outside living things is when the germs are spread – when the germs are sitting on something and you touch it. (more…)