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The Travel Game – How did I get there? January 14, 2010

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I went home to America last month to visit my family for Christmas. It was a long trip, and it took many methods of travel to get there. This included taxis, buses, trains, planes and cars.

Can you guess how I traveled to each destination?  Take a guess and post your guess on my blog to see if you win the game. I will put the winners on the blog next week.

I used every method of travel except a ship.

1) I traveled from Kherson to Odessa. What did I travel on?

2) I went from Odessa to Warsaw, Poland. What did I travel on?

3) The next step was from Warsaw, Poland to Chicago, Illinois. What did I travel on?

4) Next, I went from Chicago, Illinois to Cleveland, Ohio. What did I travel on?

5) From Cleveland, Ohio I went to Painesville, Ohio. What did I travel on?

I cannot wait to see who can guess all the answers correctly.

Deborah Garofalo, Peace Corps Volunteer



1. Nataliya - January 15, 2010

Hi, Debora!
I think you have traveled this way:
1) “marshrutka”
2) train
3) plane
4) train
5) bus
Is this true?

2. V.P. - January 15, 2010

I guess,
1) – I too think it was “marshrutka”
2) – train
3) – plane)
4) – plane?
5) – bus

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