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From rain to snow… February 16, 2010

Posted by americanex in Interesting about nature.

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Last night, we went to bed to hear the rain falling on the roof. This morning, we woke up to snow. What happened?

That is easy….when the air is warm, such as above 0 degrees centigrade, moisture in the air forms rain. When the air turns colder, 0 degrees or below 0 degrees, the moisture freezes and turns to snow. 

What is snow? It is frozen water. It freezes in the air in tiny little drops and forms crystals. There is a lot of air in snow and that makes it lighter than water or ice. Rather than falling straight down from the clouds like rain, snow will often drift down like a leaf falling from a tree.

Sometimes the snowflakes are very large and heavy and wet. That happens because the little drops of water stick together high up in the sky before they form crystals.

And other times we have sleet instead of snow. That occurs because high up in the sky, the air is warmer than the air by the earth. The drops of water start out as rain but freeze as they fall to the ground. Those frozen drops of water become sleet.

Isn’t learning about the weather fun? If you want to learn more, visit a few of the websites below.





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