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Did you know that… March 12, 2010

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Arab women march in protest of violence against women on International Women's Day

I hope your Women’s Day celebrations were fun and memorable*. (If you do not know what memorable means, look at the bottom of this email to find the meanings of any word that has a * next to it.)
Did you know that Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than 95 years? And did you know that it is an International Holiday that is about much more than just a “thank you” to women?

In 1910 in Copenhagen, the first International Women’s Conference was held. It was decided to establish a day to celebrate the hard work and valuable contributions that women make to society. The date was not set, but the idea was planted in the minds of many women.

In 1910, across the ocean in America, a terrible fire at a clothing factory in New York City killed 140 workers, mostly women. Poor work conditions were to blame for the high number of deaths. Women from the all over the city came together and held a rally to fight for better conditions and safety in the workplace, and this established Women’s Day in America.

In Eastern Europe, the first Women’s Day event was organized by a German woman – Klara Zetkin, and a Russian woman – Aleksandra Kollontai, in March of 1911. Again, women came together to protested the bad working conditions they had in the factories and businesses where they worked. Women from all across the globe, including Germany, Austria, Denmark and other European countries also held strikes and marches.*
Then in 1915 as World War I raged on causing thousands of deaths, Zetkin organized a rally* in Switzerland to urge peace and the end of World War I. Women from both sides of the war participated. This brought recognition to the importance of Women’s Day and the causes women supported.
The most famous International Women’s Day rally happened in 1917 in St. Petersburg. Thousands of women came to strike “for bread and peace.” Riots* broke out all through the city and lasted for about five days. Women bonded together to say, “enough,” to the bad working conditions, poor families and many deaths from the war.
It was Kollontai who urged Lenin to make March 8 an official communist holiday. He did, and it was accepted throughout Europe. Today all over the world, we celebrate wonderful women, their successes and contributions to society on International Women’s Day.

See below for pictures of International Women’s Day events from around the world.
*Memorable – worth remembering, such as event you want to remember
*Marches – an organized group of people walking together in protest or support of an idea
*Rally – to come together for a common cause, such as a rally to protest a war
*Riots – public violence and disorder made by a group of people

International Women's Day in Madagascar

Iran, women march in protest on International Women's Day

In Washington DC, women march in recognition of International Women's Day

In Afghan, young girls celebrate International Women's Day

In Brazil, women march for many good causes on International Women's Day

Women all over the world celebrate International Women's Day


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