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The Easter Egg Hunt March 24, 2010

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On Easter morning, after all the children have searched and found their Easter Baskets, they have another fun event to look forward to – the Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Egg Hunt is a tradition that is more than 1,000 years old. In the olden times, the day before the first day of Spring, young girls in the villages would paint eggs with the colors of Spring – pink, blue, yellow and green. They would also put their family’s name on the eggs they painted.

All of the eggs of the village would be put in a basket. Someone from the village would dress up as the Easter Bunny and hide the eggs in the forest. The next day, which would be the first day of Spring, there would be a big festival. During the festival, the person dressed up as the Easter Bunny would gather all the boys from the village together. The Bunny would tell them to go into the forest and find the painted eggs.

When the boys returned from the hunt, they would count the eggs to find out what families they were from. Who ever had the most eggs of one family would get to spend the day with the girl from that family. They would eat and dance together all day long.

In America today, the Easter Egg Hunt is often on Easter morning. Mom or dad will hide colored eggs in the yard or around or inside the house. The children look for the eggs and gather them up. It is always fun to see who can find the most eggs. Sometimes there is a prize of candy for the person who finds the most eggs.

And sometimes the eggs are plastic, not real chicken eggs. The plastic eggs can be opened and little candies can be put inside. That makes the Easter Egg Hunt even more fun!


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