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Idioms that make me laugh May 17, 2010

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Sometimes I say things that make people laugh…which can be a good thing if I am trying to make them laugh. But sometimes I am not trying, but the idioms I say sound ridiculous to someone who speaks another language.

For example, my mom always said, “I am fit to be tied.” That meant she was mad.

What exactly is an idiom? Well, the dictionary says it is the language that is unique to a specific group of people or to a district, community or class of people. It also says it is an expression in a language that is peculiar to itself and the meaning cannot be derived from the words used.

Below are a few idioms that may be fun to learn and use.

Give me a break or Cut me some slack – means the person wants you to be patient with them. 

Wrap it up – means to finish a project or a telephone call or what ever you are doing.

Scarf it up – means to eat very fast.

Vegg out – means to be lazy, to sit and not doing anything.

Pick up the pace – means to work a little faster.

Stock up – means to buy a lot of any item so you will have extra.

A1 – means a person or thing is really wonderful, the best.

Pooped out – means to be very tired.

A long row to hoe –  means to have a difficult task to do.

Flap your jaws – means to gossip.

A day late and a dollar short – means you do not have enough time or money to do something.

Pig out – means to eat so much you are overly full.

Bag of bones – means to be too thin.

Barking up the wrong tree – means you are looking for the answer in the wrong place.

A little bird told me – means you do not want to tell someone where you got the information you have.

A penny for your thoughts – means you want to know what that person is thinking about.

A steal – means something is so cheap it seems like it is a mistake.

Back to square one – to have to start all over again.

An ace up your sleeve – means you have an unfair advantage over someone else.

Add fuel to the fire – means to make a difficult situation worse.

All ears – means you give someone all of your attention to listen to them.

Bad apple – someone who is bad and who encourages other people to be bad.

Bats in the belfry – means you are a little crazy.

And below is a picture of my daughters trying to make me laugh…and it worked!


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