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Be a “Pen Pal” June 29, 2010

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When I went back to America in May, I visited many friends and family. I also visited a  class of students I have been writing to over the past year.   The students were in the 5th form at Fairport Elementary School in Fairport Harbor Ohio. They are my “pen pals.”

A pen pal is someone who lives far away, some times in another country, that you write to regularly. It may be someone you already know, or it can be someone you do not know but would like to learn about. You can also learn about the country they live in and how things are different or the same as where you live.

When I was a little girl, I had a pen pal that I wrote to with a pen on paper. Today, I write to my pen pals through email. The children from Fairport Elementary have learned a lot about Ukraine through my letters. I told them about the English Clubs at our Library and about the students I visit at many of the schools in Kherson.

It was nice to get to meet the children from Fairport in person. They had so many questions about the children in Ukraine and what schools are like here. They also wanted to know about the children that visit the Kherson Oblast Children’s Library and what life is like in Kherson. Below is a picture of the kids in their classroom with their teacher, Sabrina Rowan.

Mrs. Rowan’s class was anxious for summer vacation. Many of them told me they would like to have a pen pal from Ukraine.  If you would like to have a pen pal from America, come and visit me in the Foreign Literature Department at the Children’s Library. I will help you get started finding a friend from far away and you can learn more about life in America.




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