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Hot Weather Can be Dangerous August 6, 2010

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We love summer…we love to swim, play outside, go to the park, go fishing…you name it! Summer is fun. Summer is also hot, and that is wonderful as long as it is not too hot.

During the month of July, and so far in August, the weather has been very hot. The temperature each day has been 36 to 38 degrees centigrade. That is hot! And when the temperature is that high, you must be careful not to have  heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

When it is hot, we sweat. Sweating cools our bodies down. If it is really hot and humid, sweating may not be enough to cool us down and maintain our normal body temperature. Our internal organs, such as our kidneys, can be damaged if our body temperature rises too high. This is called  heat stroke.

Heat stroke can happen from being in the hot sun too long or being exposed to very high temperatures without a chance to cool down.

You will know you have heat stroke if:

  • you have an extremely high body temperature
  • your skin is red, hot and dry
  • your pulse is rapid
  • you have a throbbing headache
  • you are dizzy
  • you feel like throwing up
  • you are confused or faint

If you think you have having a heat stroke, find a cool place to sit down. If you cannot be someplace with air conditioning, find a place in the shade. Stay in the sitting position; loosen your clothes, put a cold wet rag on your head. Find a doctor and get medical help.

Heat exhaustion is also dangerous. It happens when you spend too much time in the heat and you don’t drink enough fluids.

You will know you have heat exhaustion if:

  • you are dizzy
  • have a headache
  • feel like throwing up
  • have stomach cramps
  • your breathing is shallow
  • your skin feels cool and clammy
  • your muscles are trembling
  • you are sweating a lot

Again, find a cool place to sit down. Loosen your clothes and drink cool water. Sit quietly until you feel better.

The most important things to do in such hot weather is to drink plenty of water or fruit juice; stay out of prolonged direct sunlight especially during the early afternoon when the sun is hottest; find ways to cool down a few times during the day; and do not over exert yourself during the heat – take everything just a little slower.

That’s why they call it, “The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” You can have lots of fun, just be careful in the heat.


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