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Halloween at the Children’s Library November 6, 2010

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Two black cats - Anya and Deborah!

What a wonderful time we had at the Kherson Oblast Children’s Library  Halloween Party!  

We had more than 50 people attend our Halloween Party, which was led by 2 very friendly black cats – Anya and me, Deborah.

Take a look at the pictures below…they tell you the story of our Halloween fun!

We had a “best costume” contest and played games like making a mummy out of toilet paper.

The winners of our "Create a Mummy" contest.

  Above are the winners of our “Make the Best Mummy” contest.

We  “bobbed for apples” and almost everyone got an apple and got a little wet.

Our Halloween Party guests came in wonderful costumes!

Our games included monster and skeleton puzzles, making new words from the letters in Jack O Lantern and guessing how much candy was in the candy jars.

And after we were finished our party, we went “Trick or Treating” in every department of the Library….yum yum….lots of candy!


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