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New Year’s Day Superstitions December 9, 2010

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There are many New Year’s traditions in both America and Ukraine. But have you ever thought about the New Year’s superstitions? There are many! Below are a few we have in America.

  • It is good luck to eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day.  It is said that the person who eats the peas will have good luck and financial riches. Where in the world did this superstition come from, you ask? Well back in the days of the early frontier, when many parts of the United States was unsettled, p, black-eyed peas were fed to cows because they were cheap and plentiful. One very harsh winter, supplies could not make it to the early pioneers and rather than starve to death, they ate the black-eyed peas meant for the cattle and they survived.
  • When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, everyone makes a lot of noise. People blow on horns, cheer, set off fireworks. Why? It is believed that the noise scares away evil spirits and you then can start the New Year free from evil. It was believed that evil spirits hate loud noises.  Although today most people do not believe in evil spirits, the tradition to make noise at midnight has stayed with us.

  • Kissing at midnight is another superstition. In olden times it was believed that if you kiss your true love at midnight on new Year’s Eve, you will live with have love and happiness all year-long.

  • Do not lend money on New Year’s Day because if you do, you will be loaning money out to people all year-long. Also, do not pay off a loan on New Year’s Day for the same reason – you will be paying on loans all year-long.

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  • Don’t wash dishes or clothes on New Year’s Day. Why?  Because if you do, you will loose a loved one. They will be washed away from you forever. 

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  •  To insure you will work successfully, or be successful at work all year, make sure you do successful work on New Year’s Day. But don’t work too much…if you do, you will be working constantly all year-long.
  • Make sure you do not cry on New Year’s Day. If you do, you set the tone for the whole year….you will be crying and sad all year long.

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  • Don’t break anything on New Year’s Day – not a dish, not a toy, nothing. Because breaking something will mean that you will have bad luck for a year.
  • At midnight on New Year’s Eve, open your windows. The superstition  is you must open your windows so you can let the old year out and the new year in.

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  • Don’t take anything out of your house. If you need to empty the trash or garbage, do it before New Year’s Day. Otherwise, you will have people leaving you or you will be losing things all year. So do not let anything go out of your house on New Year’s Day….including you. Someone must step foot in your home before you step foot outside!

Are there any New Year’s Day superstitions in Ukraine? Send me an email and I will publish them on this blog!


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