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When I grow up….. January 19, 2011

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When we are little children, we all have dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. Maybe girls dream of  being a ballerina or a movie star or a singer. Little boys dream of being a football star or an astronaut.

As we get older, we realize how much education and time it would take to have those wonderful careers, and we decide maybe we don’t want it bad enough to endure going to school for so long, or practicing so much or training so hard.

Sometimes we put our career dreams on hold while we are in school. We get involved in different clubs and activities and try new sports and hobbies. School is not only a time to learn basic subjects like math and science; it is also a time to “find” ourselves…learn about what we like, discover what interests us, think about what we may want to dedicate our lives to.

How does one “find” yourself? You read and read and read some more.

The Kherson Oblast Library for Children has books about every career, every sport, all types of medical careers, every language, etc.  Come and join us and explore what you might want to do when you grow up.

Oh by the way, if you want to be an astronaut, you must have 6 years of university education, 3 years of work in the aeronautics field, you must attend flight school and get a license to fly planes, you must have 1,000 hours of flight time and you must be very physically fit and healthy to pass the medical exams.

If you are in America when you are ready to apply, you will find that typically 4,000 qualified people will apply for every 100 job openings at NASA. So……good luck!!