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Intellectual and Sports Quest June 18, 2012

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On Thursday, June 14, 2012, the Kherson Children’s Library was a beehive of activity! We were happy to sponsor a wonderful event for the participants of two camps, a Leadership Camp for teens and a Sun Camp for local children.  The campers arrived at the Library around 9:30 AM and began a Quest for information on sports and healthy lifestyles in two city parks.

The Quest was a contest between the two camps, with one group starting at Slava Park and the other at Lenin’s Park.  Library staff, local celebrities and volunteers were positioned at different stations around the parks, with activities planned to test the athletic and brain power of the campers.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and everyone was ready for some fun.  The Stations had to be completed in order, so that the teams could progress through the Quest, with the goal of being the first group to finish all of the Stations and return to the Library.

Stations included balloons with questions to be answered about Football, leaves hidden in trees with questions about healthy lifestyles, and exercises led by a boxer.  All of the campers worked hard to complete each station, with plenty of fun and laughter in the process.  Our celebrity quests included a boxer, a sports journalist, a traveler and healthy life style expert, and two Peace Corps Volunteers.  The local TV station followed us on our Quest and interviewed the campers, the celebrities, and the volunteers.

Soon it was time to return to the Library with the sports part of the Quest almost complete.  The Leadership campers were the first group back, and the Sun campers were not far behind.  When everyone arrived in front of the Library, we had a Flash Mob, with campers, library staff, and our celebrities participating in an exercise and dance routine with lively music to get us in the mood.

Then the whole group moved to the cool comfort of the Pink Room for a session of Library Ping Pong.  Awards were given to campers who had outstanding participation, and all campers had a chance to ask questions of the boxer, sports journalist, traveler and healthy life style expert, and the Peace Corps Volunteers.  The children really enjoyed “interviewing” the experts and asked thoughtful and interesting questions.

The morning ended with a chance for everyone to sample a delicious cake, made only of natural, unprocessed, and organic ingredients.  This cake was baked especially for the library to help the campers understand that you can have a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy treats that are good for you!  Everyone agreed that the Quest was a great success!  We had fun, got some exercise, learned a lot and made new friends.  It was a great way to have some summer fun!


1. vbpi - June 18, 2012
2. Виктория П - August 2, 2012

Looks like lots of fun! 🙂

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