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Library Olympics and a Sing Along August 7, 2012

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On Friday,  August 1, 2012, we did activities that helped us learn vocabulary related to sports.  The Summer Olympics are happening now in London, England.  Many of the children are watching the different sports on television.  So we talked about the sports that we all like to do.  These included football, volleyball, dance, martial arts, rollerblading, swimming, and skiing.  Then we played a game where we identified the equipment that you need to do different sports.  Everyone had fun and learned some new words in English.

We also had some special guests.  Darrell Francis and Lindsey DiLoretto are Peace Corps Volunteers who live in villages near Kherson.  They made a special trip to the library to meet the children and do some activities with us.  Darrell has been here before and it was the first visit for Lindsey.  Darrell brought his special travel guitar.  This guitar looks different from most guitars because it is small and light so you can take it with you on a train or a plane.

Darrell and Lindsey have just returned from working at a camp at the Black Sea. While they were there, they taught the children at the camp some songs that children sing in America.  So we learned some of these songs, too.  Lindsey taught us the words and then we sang along while Darrell played his guitar.  We learned “You are My Sunshine” which is the official song of the State of Louisiana.  It is very popular in America and everyone knows this song.  We also learned “This Little Light of Mine” and another favorite with American children, “Old McDonald had a Farm”.

We had a very nice morning, and we hope that Lindsey and Darrell will come back to visit us again soon.


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