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Time for School and Time for English Clubs! September 10, 2012

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The 1st of September

Group Photo

Since I have only been in Ukraine for a few months, September 1st was the first time that I saw First Bell.  It is a wonderful idea to have everyone celebrate the beginning of school together.  I was surprised to see that it is a holiday in Ukraine. Parents and grandparents join the children at school for the opening ceremonies.  There is music and dancing.  Classes from some schools even came to the Library to visit us.  Later in the day, I saw families having fun together in the parks, streets, shoppes, and cafes.  Lenina Park and Fabrika were very crowded, and the children were still dressed in their new black and white school clothes.

In America, school begins on a different day in different cities, so it is not celebrated like it is in Ukraine.  American parents take a picture of the children in their new school clothes before they leave home, and then walk them to school or to the school bus.  The children have a full day of class, just like any other school day.  Maybe I will bring the idea of First Bell back to America with me when I go home.

On Sunday, September 9, we started the English Clubs here at the library.  More than 40 children came to enjoy the clubs.  We have three groups for beginners, intermediate and advanced English speakers.  This week we learned introductions and greetings, and discussed the purpose of the clubs.

We had fun figuring out the names that the children’s new friends would call them if they moved to America.  The most popular names for children in Ukraine are Oleksandr (Sasha) and Anastasia (Nastia).  President Obama has a daughter named Sasha.  In America, the most popular name for boys is Liam and for girls it is Emma.  The only name that is in the top 10 that is the same in Ukraine and America is Sophia.  It is Number 2 in Ukraine and Number 3 in America.  It is a beautiful name in any country.

The children agreed that English Club is fun and not boring, so join us to learn something and have a good time.  We will meet every other Sunday from 10:00 AM until  12:00 Noon.  I hope to see you at the English Club.


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