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Meeting Children all over Kherson! October 10, 2012

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Since school started, I have been having fun visiting students at schools all over Kherson.  Several mornings a week, I go to different schools with one of the Librarians from the Department of Foreign Languages.  We have a class with a topic like food or sports, give them information about the library, invite the children to visit the library, and have a question and answer session about America.   We also have our English Clubs here at the library on Sundays.  Many children come to the Club.  We had 63 children last week.  This fall, I have met almost 400 children.  I love it when you say hello to me when I am walking around the city, and I wish that I could remember all of your names.

As I get to know the children of Kherson, I am not surprised that they are very much like children in America.  They are curious about the whole world, friendly, funny, full of interesting opinions, and ready to learn new things.  They like the same films, music, books, clothes and celebrities as American children.  They like to dance, sing, roller skate, ride bikes, learn martial arts, read books, play sports, games, musical instruments, computer games, chess, listen to music and surf the internet.  Best of all, they have dreams for their own future, and for the future of Ukraine and the world.

My favorite activity is when children ask me questions.  The questions are always interesting, and it gives them a chance to practice speaking English.  Here are some questions that students have asked, with my answers.

“What do I like about Ukraine and Kherson?”  This question is fun to answer because there are so many things that I like about Ukraine and Kherson.  This country is very beautiful and Kherson is a pretty, green city with many parks and the beautiful Dnieper.  The food here is delicious, fresh, healthy, and reasonably priced.  Of course, what I like best are the warm, friendly people who have been so kind and welcoming to me and my husband, Steve.

“Do I have any friends and family in America?”  I do have many friends and family in America and I miss them very much.  I have one daughter, three brothers, one sister, many nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  I also have many friends and my dog, Nugget.  I do miss everyone but I talk to them on Skype and send e-mails so we can keep in touch.  My daughter, who is 24 years old, will come to Kherson in December.  It will be wonderful to see her and to show her around the city.

One smart young man asked me “Do I read Newspapers?”  I liked this question because this is one of the things that I do miss about America.  In America, you can have the daily newspaper delivered to your house, so it is there for you when you get up in the morning. Every morning, I read the newspaper while I ate my breakfast, so I could keep up with all the news.  Since my Russian skills are not good enough to read the paper, or understand much of the news on television here, I do miss knowing what is going on in the city.  I do read American newspapers and the Kiev Post on the internet, but I miss having the newspaper in my hand and reading all that interesting information.

So, if you have a question you would like to ask me come and see me at the library.  I will be happy to answer your question and will have some questions for you too.