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Almost Spring in Kherson February 6, 2013

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Today it feels a little like Spring.  It is only early February but already the days are growing longer.    The short winter days are the same at my home in Massachusetts in the United States, and I should be used to this.  But every year while we are enjoying the other seasons, I forget about the short, cold winter days.  I am looking forward to my first Kherson spring.

I have been busy with work and travel recently.  My daughter, Molly visited from the USA in December.  Molly is 24 years old and works as an accountant in Washington, DC.  She had a wonderful time during her visit, meeting our friends and colleagues.  She visited the Window on America room, and also made presentations to my husband’s students at Kherson National Technical University.   It was very cold while Molly was visiting, but we dressed warmly and walked all over the city.  We even attended a “Disco Night” with the students from the University.  It was held at “Chocolate” and we had fun dancing the night away.

With my family, I traveled to Istanbul for our Christmas Day on December 25th.  It is a beautiful city with friendly local people, excellent food, and many beautiful sites to visit.  We really enjoyed our adventures there, visiting both the European and Asian areas of the city.  The city is built on seven hills with several waterways separating sections of the city.  You can take ferry boats back and forth and visit beautiful palaces and churches that have been there for hundreds of years.  My favorite site was an underground reservoir called the Basilica Cistern.  It was the water supply for the city hundreds of years ago, and is under many of the historic sites in the city.  If you would like to see it, watch “From Russia with Love”, a 50-year-old James Bond movie.  You can see the cistern and practice your English while you watch.

Last week, I traveled to Kiev and Chernihiv to attend Peace Corps training.  It is always fun to visit Kiev.  There is so much to see and do.  We visited the National Art Museum, the Chernobyl Museum, St. Micheal’s Golden Dome Monastery and Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. In Chernihiv, my husband and I visited the host family that we lived with when we came to Ukraine last year.  It was wonderful to see them again and to hear each other’s news.  The grandson, Sergey, has grown four meters and learned a lot more English since we left.

So many journeys and visits with friends and family.  Over the next few weeks we will celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day at our English Club.  Be sure to come and celebrate with us.  We are waiting for you.


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