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Independence Day in America July 8, 2013

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Independence Day, or 4th of July, is a very special holiday in the United States.  It is the birthday of America.  This year America is 237 years old.  The children who come to the Window on America Center at our library are always interested in American holidays, so we planned an activity to show them how this holiday is celebrated in America.  We also talked about Independence Day (August 24th) in Ukraine.  When we asked the children how they celebrated Independence Day in Ukraine, they said that they listened to a concert, heard speeches, had picnics and went swimming.

In America, on 4th of July, there are parades with a lot of music, speeches about freedom and the history of America, picnics and swimming.  The most common celebration of 4th of July in America is to have a fireworks display.  Most cities and towns in America have a fireworks show in the evening of 4th of July.

We watched some videos about Independence Day in America.  The best one was a video produced by a 5th grade class in America.  They answered questions about the 4th of July with their voices and their drawings.  It was interesting and funny.  Then our children wrote good wishes for America’s birthday on the stars on a large poster.  The event gave the children information about American 4th of July and an opportunity to think about the meaning of Ukrainian independence as well.


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