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A Great Celebration of the Ukrainian Family November 21, 2013

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the International Day of the Child, was a very special day for me.  I was invited, along with my Counterpart Anya, to visit School #39 for an Open English Lesson.  Marenchyk Olga, the Director of the School and an English Teacher asked us to part pate in her lesson.

CIMG0052This is a wonderful school that I have visited before.  It is located just outside of Kherson and is a school with bright, happy children who seem to be very comfortable together.  They are all interested in their lessons and seem to enjoy learning and being together in their warm, friendly school.
The theme of this lesson was the relationship between children and their parents.  This is certainly an international topic, one that children and parents all over the world can relate to.  I could not help think about my own daughter and the pleasures and challenges of raising her and watching her become an adult.  School # 39 invited the parents of the students to participate in the lesson.  Some of the parents also attended this school and were taught by Marenchyk Olga, making the event even more enjoyable.  For a very pleasant class period, the children and their parents shared their feeling and emotions about their relationships, the atmosphere in their homes, and the inevitable conflicts that can arise.  What parent has not struggled with the request of a child to stay out late, go off with friends, or have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  As a parent myself, I can say that the child always seems too young to the parent.  And, of course, the child always feels that he is “grown up” enough to make his own decisions.
This day was completely enjoyable.  The children did a wonderful job with their English, the parents told them how much they support them and how proud they are of them and everyone had a wonderful day.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and was pleased to share my own family with them.  This will be a warm memory of Ukraine for me.  The close relationship of families is one of the real strengths of your country.  It is a privilege to share an event like this with you.






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