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About me

From June 2012

I am Mary Beth Phair, the new Peace Corps Volunteer at the Window on America Center for Future Leaders at the Kherson Library for Children. I will be working at the Library and living in Kherson for the next two years. I came here from America with my husband, Steve. I lived in Belchertown, Massachusetts, a small town of about 12,000 people. It would probably be considered a village in Ukraine.  Stop by the library this summer and we can practice English together. When school starts in the fall, the English Clubs will begin again. I look forward to meeting you and getting a chance to learn about each other.


Hello, my name is Deborah Garofalo and you may have seen me at the Kherson Oblast Children’s Library. I am a Peace Corps Volunteer, and I came to Ukraine to work at the Library and teach English Clubs.


1. Olena Zhoya - March 22, 2010

Hello Deborah,
thank you for your great job at the library!
Best Regards,
Lena Zhoya, the Polish Club’s President

2. George - November 22, 2010

Hi Deborah.
Thank you for your job for children of my city.

americanex - December 7, 2010

You are welcome, George. I am so happy to be in Kherson!


3. Виктория П - August 2, 2012

Hello, and thanks for the great blog.

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